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Soft Wash Supreme in Red Bank,NJ

Soft Wash Supreme in Red Bank,NJ

Above & Beyond Softwash was contacted by one of our local neighbors who needed some assistance around their lakefront home. Upon arrival, we noticed extensive moss growth, black staining on the roof, and some areas that needed expert help. Above & Beyond Softwash offers over 50+ exterior cleaning services (Including Soft Washing) to help Red Bank & all of its surrounding communities clean.

After the estimate was approved, a date was set for the soft washing process to begin. The Red Bank, NJ homeowner had followed our professional suggestion of roof washing, house cleaning the composite rear decking and front porch, and high-pressure, turbo tipping of the moss-filled side walkway.

Stairs can be a tripping hazard when they do not receive much sunlight. So, we also high-pressure rinsed all the steps leading down to the lake. While we were down there, we also high-pressure surface-cleaned our new client's ipe decking and rails. Before wrapping up, we also hosed off the poly dock, which was loaded with debris.

It took us 8+ hours and a little good old-fashioned ???? to get the job done. At the end of the day, we had a finished outcome that went "Above & Beyond" our clients' expectations: a pristine, new-looking lakefront home and a 5-star review to boot. If you know anyone who lives in Red Bank, NJ, give us a call. Our exterior cleaning experts would love to assist. We would love to assist more River Plaza Neighbors.

Service provided: House Washing

Location: Red Bank, NJ

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Client Review

Todd the owner was friendly and prompt when he visited my house for the estimate. He explained all of his services in detail and sent me a quote and we discussed a time to do the softwash of the roof my dock and house. What I was not able coveting was how amazing the transformation looks. The house looks like it was built a few years again. It's had new life and Todd worked so hard throughout the day. Todd has such a warm and friendly way about him and his care and attention to detail really impressed me and my family. I just have to wait for the house to get dirty again to use this service.

Robert D

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